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How can I create class in specific folder (namespace) in my project, and see the classes grouped by there namespace?

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When using Visual Studio Ultimate you can choose "Architecture" from the menu and generate a namespace diagram.

Once the diagram has rendered, you can expand the namespaces and other elements to show the classes they contain.

Note, specific folder != namespace. New files in given folders are defaulted to the namespace, but from experience, try not to rely on it when working in a team or with someone elses' code. ;-)

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But how can I build the project in this way, like Class Diagram can do? I mean that in Class Diagram I can add and change the project structure. So how can I do this things with some namespaces? –  nrofis Oct 9 '12 at 18:11

1) Create a class in the appropriate folder with the option Add new Item.

2) Drop the class in to the class diagram.


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