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How can I check if connection still live is before every connection executed (also global OnBeforeExecute event handler) or I need to create global exception handler "error reading data from the connection"

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The best I've found is you actually have to try to establish a connection.

Here's the code I have stored:

 private const int RETRY = 3;

 public bool Reachable(Uri Address, string responseExpected) {
   for (int i = 0; i < RETRY; i++) {
     try {
       WebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(Address);
       req.Method = "GET";
       using (WebResponse rsvp = req.GetResponse()) {
         using (Stream s = rsvp.GetResponseStream()) {
           using (StreamReader r = new StreamReader(s)) {
             string text = r.ReadToEnd();
             if ((String.IsNullOrEmpty(responseExpected)) || (-1 < text.IndexOf(responseExpected))) {
               return true;
     } catch (Exception err) {
       Debug.WriteLine("Url: " + Address.ToString());
   return false;
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