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I'm trying to change the height of a UITextView dynamically:

... UITextView* textView; ...

CGRect textViewNewFrame = CGRectMake(textView.frame.origin.x, textView.frame.origin.y, textView.frame.size.width, 130);
textView.frame = textViewNewFrame;

In IB, I have a UIButton top-aligned with my UITextView. The UIButton is 130px high; the UITextView is, say, 150px high.

If I run the code above, the UITextView ends up 44px too short. I have to change my CGRectMake line to end,

..., 130 + 44);

However, if in IB I 'hard-code' the height of the UITextView to 130px, the UIButton and UITextView are rendered both top- and bottom-aligned (they are both the same height).

So when changing the UITextView's frame's height dynamically I have to add 44, but not when 'statically' setting its height via IB.

Oddly, UILabel doesn't misbehave like this (I don't have to add 44px when dynamically resizing).

I know that 44 is a magic number in IB (the height of the nav bar etc) but why do I need to add it? Am I missing something/doing something wrong, or is this just an anomaly? I'm concerned that this must be such a common operation and yet I can't find anyone else asking the same question and coming to the same conclusion.

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