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How does one capture a "Don't Save" or "Save" response to the Standard Suite "close" dialog?

        close front document saving ask
    on error
    end try

returns "error number -10000" if the user selects "Cancel", so that case is handled.

However, subsequent code depends on whether "Don't Save" or "Save" was selected.



Using regulus's answer and it's workaround strategy, I prefaced the code above with

tell application "Finder" to set _modDateAfterSaveDialog to 
modification date of (info for file _filename)

where the _filename was assigned earlier from application-specific AS code.

Analogous code and a test followed the "try".

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I really have no idea how to get it directly. I assume the command you are issuing is a specific application command, not a standard suite command because standard applescript doesn't have a "front document".

In any case, here's a work-around idea that might work. When a file is saved its modification date changes. So you need to know the file of the front document. Then you just check the modification date of the file before and after you issue this command. If it changed then you know the file was saved.

Good luck.

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Your work-around works. Update shown above. –  humanengr Oct 10 '12 at 5:19

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