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Say I have an item for sale on eBay, and the same item for sale on another site via PayPal. Is it possible to have sales on one site reflected in the inventory for the other site, and vice-versa? In other words, if I have ten items for sale, and I buy one on either site, it should show that there are nine items left on both sites.

I know that PayPal has an API for setting the inventory level of an item associated with a button. eBay also has an API for controlling an item's inventory. I'm wondering if anyone has tried to integrate them.

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Webgility eCC can sync orders and inventory between eBay, QuickBooks, and popular shopping carts such as Magento, CS-Cart and more. So if you're running an ecommerce site plus selling on eBay you can keep your financials and inventory synced up.

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