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I want to get the index of a node using XPath, but I'd love to do it in a single line. I want the int that I'm storing to double as proof of existence of the node, and the position of the FIRST occurrence of a matching node.

What I have now does what I want, but it matches the LAST occurrence of a matching node instead of the first. Can I alter this to get me the first one?

int base_Schemes = xmlWebConfig.SelectNodes("/configuration/Security/Authentication/schemes/scheme[@type='ssoscheme, sso']/preceding-sibling::scheme").Count;
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Are you looking for the position() function?

Try /configuration / Security / Authentication / schemes [@type = 'ssoscheme, sso'] / preceding-sibling::scheme / position().

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I'm new to Xpath, so this will probably work, but it's not letting me store it as an int because SelectNodes returns an XmlNodeList. Can I get around this? –  Jon Oct 9 '12 at 16:40
I changed it to int basePosition = xmlWebConfig.SelectNodes("/configuration/Security/Authentication/schemes/scheme[‌​@type='SSO.SSOScheme, SSO']/preceding-sibling::scheme/position()").Count; but when I run it, it keeps complaining. Is this only supported on Xpath 2.0+? Adding .Count was the only way to get it to accept the line. –  Jon Oct 9 '12 at 16:48

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