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I have in Flex a TabNavigator container and in all tabs I have the same view (a bunch of buttons and a grid).

        <mx:TabNavigator id="myTabThing">
            <mx:VBox label="First tab"
            <mx:VBox label="Second tab"

How can I, in myView.mxml, get grasp on data of the tab navigator thing? I should very much like to be able to do something such as:

    <mx:Text text="{myTabThing.selectedChild}"/>

Or actually something more complicated based on the selected child (change the populating of the list inside the myView view).

Total Flex newbie here, so sorry if my question is dumb.

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Adding "this.parentDocument" will let you know the current tab.In this case,try

<mx:Text text="{this.parentDocument.myTabThing.selectedChild}"/>

If you want to change the list in MyView based on the parent, check with the "selectedChild"'s id.Give the VBoxes an id and then check with the id like this

<mx:VBox id ="firstTab" label="First tab"

if(this.parentDocument.myTabThing.selectedChild.id == "firstTab"){...}
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Thank you! seems to be just what I needed! I will validate the answer as correct when I actually get to try it out! but thanks a lot! –  tisek Oct 9 '12 at 21:08

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