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I'm using Maven 3.0.3, JUnit 4.8.1, and Java 1.6. I have this in a JUnit test file ...

public void loadTestProps() throws IOException, GeneralSecurityException { 
    final InputStream in = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("test.properties");
    testProps = new Properties();

"test.properties" is not getting picked up (the input stream object is null). My project structure is as follows:

parent + --- pom.xml
+ --- war module
+ ------ pom.xml
+ ------ src/test/java/JUnit file
+ ------ src/test/resources/test.properties
+ --- ear module
+ ------- pom.xml

I would prefer to keep my "src/test/resources" directory within my WAR module, since the test only pertains to the WAR file. Is there a way I can rewrite the above Java to find my "test.properties" or do I have to move the file out of the WAR module?

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Is src/test/resources defined as being a source folder? –  Chris Gerken Oct 9 '12 at 20:14
That ought to work just fine. Is the test failing in both your IDE and the command line? Are you sure there are no typos anywhere? –  Duncan Oct 9 '12 at 20:15
Can we see the pom.xml for your war module? –  Kkkev Oct 11 '12 at 6:34

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Instead of getResourceAsStream("test.properties"); you should use getResourceAsStream("/test.properties");

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