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I was using the old version of Ajax (1.4.5...) and after upgrading to 1.4.609.. my ajax combobox code is throwing a nullreference error. I think it's now having trouble finding TextBox control portion of the combobox, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else had this problem? and more importantly, has anyone found a solution for it? Here is the code:

public Unit LocationCellWidth
        get { return ComboBoxCell.Width; }
            ComboBoxCell.Width = value;

   error------> ((TextBox)LocationComboBox.FindControl("TextBox")).Width = value;             
               //LocationComboBox.Width = value;


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Better late then never, I just had the same issue.

The control name has changed to: "SelectCategoryCombo_TextBox"

inspecting the combobox object in the debugger gives you the above ID for the textbox control.


TextBox comboTextBox = LocationComboBox.FindControl("SelectCategoryCombo_TextBox") as TextBox
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