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I have a list of urls where, for the majority, I want to do a simple search and replace, but in some cases I want to exclude using sed.

Given the list below:


I want to convert all URLs that do not have "sandbox" in the URL to:


What I have so far with sed is the following:

sed -r 's|http://(\S*)|href="/fetch\?domain=\1"|g'

which reformats all the URLs as expected.

How do I modify what I have to exclude the lines that have "sandbox" in them?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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If by exclude, you mean "do not do the replacement", then:

sed -r '/sandbox/!s|http://(\S*)|href="/fetch\?domain=\1"|g'

If you mean 'omit completely from the output':

sed -r -e '/sandbox/d' -e 's|http://(\S*)|href="/fetch\?domain=\1"|g'
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sed -r 's|http://(\S*)|href="/fetch\?domain=\1"|g' | grep -v sandbox
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