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The Problem

In the .NET Framework, it would just be a matter of setting a property true and hooking to the link clicked event. But how would I do this in WinRT using the limited .NET framework.

Why Is This Necessary?

Well I want to create a text based web browser (like Lynx but with a GUI), that is designed with people who don't want to use a fancy web browser or just need accessibility. Some of the features would be to display the URLs for instance 'http://stackoverflow.com/' to a URL in which I hookup the link clicked event and then redirect within the program and display the text.


Requesting the HTML and converting it to text, was simple, and I already have it done and working fine. So the only thing I need from the Stack Overflow community. Is whether the RichTextBox support hyper-links? and how can it be done? No code examples necessary, but pointers will just do. I have already done research, but Metro Style applications are just fresh out of the oven; not a lot of articles out there.

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The Windows-8 App style way of doing this is to put a button inside an InlineUIContainer inside a textblock.

See here for some related discussion.

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