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The previous posting on here regarding deleting notifications from the notification center claim its not possible to delete individual notifications, only all of them.

However individual notifications do get deleted for the reminder app - set 3 reminders to fire in a couple of minutes, when they fire go to the notification center, now select one, after the reminder app launches go back to the notification center and that specific notification has been deleted but others remain. So how is this achieved?

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The Reminders app probably fires local notifications. Local notifications can be withdrawn, using cancelLocalNotification: on UIApplication.

(Additionally, push notifications when sent using the enhanced call (first byte is 1) supports an expiry parameter (when sending, not inside the JSON payload) that is supposed to mean that this notification, if not delivered by a certain date, should not be delivered. It is possible that this parameter is also used in a similar way to hide received notifications.

It is also highly possible that Apple's own apps do whatever the hell they want.)

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