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I have two grayscale images, I1 of size (w1,h1), and I2 of size (w2,h2). I would like Matlab to display them in the same figure, like this:

subplot(2,1,1), imshow(I1);
subplot(2,1,2), imshow(I2);

This code makes the images to be resized in order to be displayed with the same width.

I would like to keep the images in their original sizes (each pixel of each image takes one pixel on the screen). Is there any option I can pass to subplot or imshow to do this ?

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Use truesize:

subplot(2,1,1), imshow(I1)
subplot(2,1,2), imshow(I2)

You will get a warning if it doesn't fit on the screen. Like:

Warning: Image is too big to fit on screen; displaying at 66% scale.

Edit: It worked for me because the two images I used had the same size. Apparently the general case doesn't work.

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Try this:

subplot(2,1,1), imshow(I1); axis equal;
subplot(2,1,2), imshow(I2); axis equal;

You could also try using axis image.

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I tried and it didn't work. – Simon Oct 9 '12 at 17:45

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