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I have a "Charselection" and "Charname" (linked with a movieclip - extended to charselection) and "Charname2"(linked with another movieclip - extended to charselection) I have some mouse events and stuff, but I want to know, how to make the code, to know which one clicked. I tried var charname1 = this.name and then trace it, and it worked, but I want to select it as object, not to know the name. Thanks in advance

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you could use the mouseEvent object that is sent to your mouse listener, and get the event target.

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You can do in the following way:

Suppose you have a stage variable which link to the display object, the latter being the base container for the "Charname" and "Charname2", you can assign a mouse event listener to the base container in the following way:

var stage:DisplayObject = new DisplayObject();
stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, select);

...then use event.target to get the object being triggered:

function select(e:MouseEvent):void {
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