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<span id="olLabelCUSTOMERSALL">Text - ALL

In the GUI I see All and I can select this via

browser_ie.span(:id, "olLabelCONTACTSALL").click

I then tried to set this to a variable like

text1 = browser_ie.span(:id, "olLabelCONTACTSALL")

and I thought I would get ALL but I don't.

In the html screen shot what is Text - ALL? Is that an attribute of the Span element? How would I capture the text ALL from this

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You are getting the watir span element when you do:

text1 = browser_ie.span(:id, "olLabelCONTACTSALL")

If you want the text, use the element's text method:

text1 = browser_ie.span(:id, "olLabelCONTACTSALL").text
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