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I have two boto.cfg files, one for QA and the other for Production. I can choose dynamically which boto.cfg to choose. When I choose QA and call get_all_buckets() I get all the buckets of QA. But when I change to Production, it still returns QA buckets. My script is in python.

Is there a way I can disable the boto connection? I have tried to exit from Python and create a new object but it still returns QA buckets although the boto.cfg has been updated to Production credentials.

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Are you sure you are picking up different credentials? There is no state retained across different Python sessions. Try running this little script with each config file:

>>> import boto
>>> print boto.config.get_value('Credentials', 'aws_access_key_id')

Do you get a different value printed each time? If not, you could try having two config files, boto1.cfg and boto2.cfg and then setting the environment variable BOTO_CONFIG to point to one or the other.

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Yes when I pass the credentials it works fine! But when I read it from boto.cfg files it does not give correct answers. –  swe Oct 10 '12 at 21:15

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