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I have this text in file 1:

printf ("integer value is %x \n", a);

I want to read data from file 1 and write into file 2. When I reach this particular line, file 2 appears like this:

printf ("integer value is 0 \n", a);

Why does it happen? How can I avoid this?

This is how my Perl code looks:

while ($line = <$in_fh>) {
    printf $out_fh $line;

Here, $in_fh and $out_fh are in & out file handles.

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Because printf interprets $line as a format string, and finds %x which looks like a token. Use print instead.

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Because that's what printf does. You want print.

while ($line = <$in_fh>) {
    print $out_fh $line;

If you want to keep using printf, you need to use

while ($line = <$in_fh>) {
    printf $out_fh "%s", $line;
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