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I'm trying to save a variable called persistent_data.

I usually use session[:persistent_data] or cookies[:persistent_data], but I would like to use the localstorage instead.

How do I do that on Rails?

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I know that LocalStorage is not related to Rails, but if there's a gem or something that allows us to store things directly to LocalStorage just like we do with cookies. –  Chim Kan Oct 16 '12 at 21:37

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As far as I know localStorage has nothing to do with Rails, it is pure Javascript/HTML5 feature.

You can use the following in you application js in order to read or write data from the local storage:

var foo = localStorage.getItem("bar");
localStorage.setItem("bar", foo);
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Localstorage has nothing to do with rails. You do it the same way as with any other language:

localStorage.setItem("company_id", "1");

=> 1

You can use rails to dynamically set the item however:

localStorage.setItem("company_id", "<%= @company.id %>");
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Has others have already said local storage is Javascript/Html feature/solution but if wanting to learn how to integrate that iwth rails Ryan Bates has a railscast http://railscasts.com/episodes/248-offline-apps-part-2, though you might need to watch part 1 to fully understand it.

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