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I'm going to use a web module in my web project.what I want to do is to use my original theme of the project for it's layout.but when I write this code on my module class in the file DefaultController (my modul name is cpanel) nothing happens and the module can't load the layout from is my code :

class DefaultController extends Controller {

    public function actionIndex() {
        $this->layout = "column2";


Is there anything wrong in my code?

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I think it should be:

$this->layout = '//layouts/column2';

Make sure you have the 'column2.php' layout file in your 'layouts' folder: \protected\views\layouts\

Hope this helps.

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I've solved my problem.there was a line in my layout view page (column2.php) which get the main view content.


I removed the first slash and it did work for me.just changed it to this :

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