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I created a website using HTML 5 and it works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10. If I'm running the website in Compatibility mode the layout is all messed up.

Only if I change Document Mode from IE5 quirks to another value inside Developers Tool it's working perfectly.

Is there someone who can give me some hints or some tips&tricks to make it work properly.

You can find the website here: http://www.westmotors.ro/beta

Thank you in advance.

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Why would you be using (IE5) Quirks Mode? Do you have a DOCTYPE on your page? Your page works fine in IE9. – Rocket Hazmat Oct 9 '12 at 18:55
Yes I do have DOCTYPE on my page. But when someone tested the website on IE9 it didn't worked. I changed from (IE5) Quirks Mode to IE99 Standard and it worked. And now the big problem is that I have to avoid this kind of situations. e.g. Someone who has the browser set on on Quirks Mode – CludiuNesa Oct 11 '12 at 17:50

Here is a nice website where you can see the HTML5 readiness of any browser: http://html5readiness.com/

In addition I would strongly recommend you to use the Modernizr javascript plug-in in order to make your site compitable: http://modernizr.com/

Last thing, try to find some "polyfills" for html5 features you cannot use in your site "the native way"

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I'll will start to see if I can manage to solve it with Modernizr. Thank you. – CludiuNesa Oct 11 '12 at 17:52

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