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I'm using Ruby and, of course, the Ruby bindings to Chipmunk as well as the Chingu/Gosu game libraries. Seems like the syntax is different but otherwise I assume it's the same as Chipmunk C. How do I make a floor? I tried the following:

space =
space.damping = 0.9
space.gravity =, 50)
body =
shape_array = [, 400),$window.width, 400),$window.width, 390),, 390)]
shape =, shape_array,,0))
shape.collision_type = :floor

What happens is objects hit the floor and kind of wiggle for a split second, then pass right through. I want them to land on the floor, maybe even bounce up a little (depending on the object). But not go through the floor. How do I do this?

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To make this work, I had to remove the line:


Static bodies can't be added to space.

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