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I am new to NUMA-aware multithreaded programming. I am writing my code such that all the threads and their memory allocation are restricted to one node. At the beginning of the program, I make the following calls:

struct bitmask *bm = numa_parse_nodestring("0");
  if(bm == 0){

My understanding is that a call to numa_bind in this way would bind all threads and all memory allocation to node 0.

Furthermore, when I start pthreads from this code, I bind them to specific CPUs using:


However, when I look at /proc//numa_maps, I can still see that certain libraries (e.g., libc) are bound to the memory on node 1. How can I make sure that all the memory required by the process is bound to node 0?

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Shared libraries like libc can't be bound to a memory bank specified by your process/application. Please see shared-library-numa

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