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I want to create own widget that will be able to interpret the text between start and end tag, eg:

<p1:Btn ui:field="open" >Open</p1:Btn>

Now the UI binder throws error:

Unexpected text in element: "Open" Element <p1:Btn ui:field='open'> (:44)

I supose that the widget have to be somehow marked to allow elements inside. The second thing is how read the element between tags.

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Your widget needs simply implement the HasText interface.

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Thanks, it's working. –  Krzysztof Zielinski Oct 9 '12 at 19:31
Or HasHTML if your widget accepts HTML: <p1:Btn>Open <i>this</i>!</p1:Btn>. Beware that setText can receive a < or & that will have to be HTML-escaped if you use the value as HTML (have a look at SafeHtmlUtils to build your widget's content); e.g. <p1:Btn>&lt;Open&gt;</p1:Btn> will pass "<Open>" to setText if the widget is HasText, it'll however give "&lt;Open&gt;" to setHTML if it implements HasHTML. –  Thomas Broyer Oct 10 '12 at 9:06

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