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I want to create form with auto submit, so I used jquery. I think that i have problem with translate url.

My form :

<form action="edit" method="get" >
    <select name="id" onchange="this.form.submit();">
        {% for panel in panele %}
        <option value="{{ panel.setting.id }}">{{ panel.nazwa }}</option>
        {% endfor %}

And when I want to change option, I get this in url "edit?id={id}", and when i try use it in controller (route).


I got error:

No route found for "GET /settings/edit"

(/settings is global route for controller)

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The action attribute of your form has no URL. Your should generate the url using twig path expression.

<form action="{{ path('edit_route') }}" method="get" >

Replace the route identifier edit_route with the name of your route. Also, clear browser and symfony caches.

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