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I am trying to get a nice presentatin of a DatTime picker following this approach. So I have a subclass of MultiValueField with two SubFields and a widget which is a subclass of MultiWidget and which passes the correct css classes to its subwidgets in order to get JQueryUI to mark one of the inputs as a date picker. Now I want to access the resulting SubFields of the MultiValueField seperately in my templates, rendering them in different places in a table.
But I cannot see a way to address them. Which object do I have to refer to in the template?
Depending on what I use in my template I can access most of the object, but none of them render into HTML. All I can get is the default str() output for the objects.

For example, form.date_time.field.time_field.widget "renders" into <django.forms.widgets.TimeInput object at 0x7fe018033f90>

Accessing the fields in question instead gives similar results.

Am I missing something obvious here?

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Hi, did you ever figure this out? Thanks in advance. –  gorus Aug 19 '13 at 18:20

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