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I have the table with 2 rows, for simplicity

1 (should define horizontal axis): 0 0.03217 0.04119 0.09613 0.14178 0.17035 0.18824

2 (should define vertical axis): 86 81 80.8 73.8 69 65 63

I need to build a graph (line chart) with row No. 1 as horizontal axis and row No. 2 as vertical axis. The tick marks on the horizontal axis should be 0, 0.02, 0.04 and so forth. So I select the data for horizontal axis from row 1 and the data for vertical axis from row 2.

However, when I try to format the X axis I do not get the options for any numerical formatting. The options start from Interval between tick marks and so forth. The options for the vertical axis are completely fine What can I do?

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I assume you want to plot a line that connects your points (0,86), (0.0321,81) .... You should try using a scatter plot graph instead of a line chart.

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Thank you for the scatter plot suggestion - this helped! –  anarinsky Oct 11 '12 at 16:15

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