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Suppose there is a div containing some 'li' elements. when I click on a checkbox, some elements(li) get selected.I want to select all the li having some specific attributes from the li's which are visible in the div. For example below, suppose that only first three li's are visible, I want to select li having value=ItemA and color=Red.


 <div id="products">
<li value="ItemA" color="Yellow"><img src="images/1.jpg"></li>
<li value="ItemA" color="Red"><img src="images/2.jpg"></li>
<li value="ItemB" color="Red"><img src="images/3.jpg"></li>
<li value="BRAND C" color="Red"><img src="images/7.jpg"></li>
<li value="BRAND D" color="Blue"><img src="images/8.jpg"></li>
<li value="BRAND A" color="Yellow"><img src="images/9.jpg"></li>
<li value="BRAND B" color="Yellow"><img src="images/10.jpg"></li>

I know these queries.

$("#products").find("li:visible")      //query to find visible li

$('li[value="ItemA"][color="Red"]).hide()   // query with attribute selectors

What will be the jquery statement to select such li.

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So you want to combine those two $('li[value="ItemA"][color="Red"]:visible')? –  CaffGeek Oct 9 '12 at 19:30
yes may be,if it works fine. –  Alonso Oct 9 '12 at 19:31

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value and color are invalid attributes for li element, you can use data-* attributes instead:

<li data-value="itema" data-color="red"><img src="images/1.jpg"></li>

Then you can use :visible selector to select visible elements.

$('#products li[data-value="itema"][data-color="red"]:visible');

This is a long and slow selector, but selects the elements you want.

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So if you want all the visible elements that are ItemA and Red, just use


but like @undefined said, you shouldn't use color and value attributes, and instead use proper html5 data attributes, data-color and data-value.

<li data-value="ItemA" data-color="Red"><img src="images/1.jpg" /></li>
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Use the .filter() function



$('li[value="ItemA"][color="Red"]').filter(function() {
            return $(this).is(':visible');


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