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By the few months I was trying to do an application using Sql Server + C#. The program is a kind of "Pokémon Agenda", where a user can add and edit pokémons and their abilities, types and photo, besides other functions like searching for records. Here's a print screen from the Form and from the tables diagram:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Here's my problem: I was trying to access directly the names from the tables "Abilities" and "Types" by only using its ID's (AbilityID and TypeID) from the table "Kanto". In other words, I was trying to access many data from different tables using, basically, just one table! However, I am not sure if this is exactly possible. I thought in 2 possibilities:

  1. Using Dataset relations (although this solution is not too clear for me yet), for example:

    ds.Relations.Add("PokéAbility", ds.Tables["Abilities"].Columns["AbilityID"], ds.Tables["Kanto"].Columns["AbilityID"]);

  2. Using a Natural Join, so I could create more tables and use them too to manipulate my desired data.

Note: the tables "Types" and "Abilities" should be already filled with all the necessary information, so they won't be edited during the execution of the Form.

I won't paste the whole code because it is a little long, but, if you would like to see a specific part of it, just ask me that I will provide it.

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This should create a consolidated view. I've not tested the SQL so there might be a typo. This should get you started. You need to understand views and also joins.

Create View Pokedata as
    Select name_,  t1.type as Type1, t2.type as Type2, ability
    From Kanto 
    inner Join Abilities on Kanto.abilityId = Abilities.abilityId
    inner join KantoType as kt1 on Kanto.pokémonid = kt1.pokémonid and kanto.typeid1 = kt1.typeid
    inner join on types as t1 on kt1.typeid = t1.typeid
    inner join KantoType as kt2 on Kanto.pokémonid = kt2.pokémonid and kanto.typeid2 = kt2.typeid
    inner join on types as t2 on kt2.typeid = t2.typeid
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This isn't really going to anwer your question, because its a bit too vague to give any concrete advice, but I would suggest you have a look at the ADO.NET Entity Framework. Using Entity Framework, you can have classes that contain objects from other tables. For example (I'm guessing your data strunctures here...)

public class Pokemon
int Id {get; set;}
ICollection<PokeAbility> Abilities {get; set;}
ICollection<PokeType> Types {get; set;}

In Entity framework, you define a data context class, like this:

  public PokeContext : DbContext
    DbSet<Pokemon> Kanto {get;set;}
    DbSet<PokeAbility> Abilies {get; set;}
    DbSet<PokeType> Types {get; set;}

In your program then, once you have a Pokemon object, you can just access the data from the other tables like so:

var context = new PokeContext();
Pokemon instance = context.Kanto.First(); // Fetch first item from the Kanto table in the database
foreach (var ability in instance.Abilities)
  Console.WriteLine(ability);  // Or whatever you want to do with it.

I would suggest you have a look at some of the streaming videos that Microsoft has released with Visual Studio 2012, for example, this one:
There is a whole bunch of resources here:

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Take a look at using SQL Server Views.

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