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I'm trying to run the example from this page : GlassFish-to-GlassFish Remote EJB Invocation

But I get this error when I try to deploy the client on glassfish ("asadmin> deploy client-ejb.jar"): "Exception while deploying the app [client-ejb] : Referencing error: This bundle has no bean of name [ClientBean]"

I need help, thanks.

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I encountered a a similar problem when trying to deploy my application (Exception while deploying the app [my-app] : Referencing error : This bundle has no bean of name [myBeanFacade] ) .Rather weird but all that was needed to solve this was to go to the properties of [my-app] under the build category tree, choose compile and tick the compile on save option. Redeployed my application and viola !! NB [my-app] contains 2 ejb jars and a web application, one of the ejbs is a library in the web app.

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This problem occurred because the guy forgot to add the ServiceIF.class reference in client-ejb.jar.

Execute the command:

jar cvf client-ejb.jar test/ServiceIF.class test/ClientIF.class test/ClientBean.class META-INF/glassfish-ejb-jar.xml

get the new .jar and it will work.

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