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I'm looking to see some info about my facebook contacts, and I want the info to be overlayed on the currently open website.

Currently, I'm trying to do this via a bookmarklet.

Is it possible for me to overlay a div over the currently open web page and populate it with a functioning facebook login button (if the user is not logged in)? Are there publicly available working examples of something like this?

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It is probably not possible to simply embed Facebook within an iframe because Facebook blocks people from embedding their pages within frames or iframes by putting this into the response header, "X-Frame-Options: DENY". This is most likely to prevent click-jacking and similar security exploits.

To test this, enter any page from Facebook into

Facebook has an API which allows you to do many things, but it requires server side code, and can not be done simply with a bookmarklet.

There is also always the brute force method where your server scrapes data from any website you want it to. Then that data could be put into a bookmarklet.

Finally, the same thing could be achieved by writing an add-on or a user script without using a bookmarklet at all.

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