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I'm trying to run source /Users/alastair/.rvm/scripts/rvm, but keep getting:

Bad : modifier in $ (").

Where would the problem be? Happy to paste other files in if these would help.

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Are you in any case running a shell that is not Bash or ZSH? Bash >= 3.2.25 or ZSH >= 4.3.10 is required.

Your problem looks like you were using minimalistic shell sh which is not supported by RVM.

You can check user shell in /etc/passwd and change it with chsh -s /path/to/new/shell - list of allowed shells is available in /etc/shells - but make sure to pick Bash/ZSH, also note that links like sh->bash will not work as bash changes behavior based on the name that was invoked.

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Yes - I'm just typing straight into terminal. If I switch to Bash it works fine, BUT will this affect anything else on my system? Am I correct in saying that Bash is just a different kind of shell through which to access the same core files? – strangerpixel Oct 9 '12 at 20:20
RVM 1.x is a shell scripting code loaded directly into the shell, you could still use it in other shells only via PATH - which makes rvm use useless. – mpapis Oct 10 '12 at 17:00

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