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I am trying to write a python function to mirror the right half of a picture to the left half. So far I have this code but it works in the opposite way (it mirrors from L to R) I know it must be a few simple changes, but I just seem to have a block now. Any help appreciated.

def mirrorVertical(source):
  mirrorPoint = getWidth(source) / 2
  width = getWidth(source)
  for y in range(0,getHeight(source)):
    for x in range(0,mirrorPoint):
      leftPixel = getPixel(source,x,y)
      rightPixel = getPixel(source,width - x - 1,y)
      color = getColor(leftPixel)
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  color = getColor(rightPixel)
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Thanks I knew it was simple –  user1729377 Oct 9 '12 at 20:52

It seems like you are iterating from the top left corner to the middle, instead of the right corner to the middle. Might want to try range(getWidth(), mirrorPoint) for x and leave y the same.

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Before changing the color of the rightPixel, you should save this color to somewhere in order to set it on the leftPixel.

Something like

color_left = getColor(leftPixel)
color_right = getColor(rightPixel)
setColor(leftPixel, color_right)
setColor(rightPixel, color_left)

should do the trick.

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