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I am creating a new template in wordpress and I want to be able to render a different template for a page depending on the device which is requesting the page.


page request = "/home"
if desktop render template-home.php
if mobile browser render template-mobile-home.php

Any ideas on how I could do this ?

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Actually there are a lots of Mobile Theme Switcher plugins available to do the job for you. you can use any one which fits better for you. These plugins just switches the theme by detecting the device. Just take a look at Any Mobile Theme Switcher and Mobile theme switch plugins. Hope it helps.

Also take a look at this for some free wordpress mobile themes. I'm using WPtouch for my blog. you may like this too, it just converts a wordpress theme into a mobile friendly theme.

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Thanks, yes, this could work, its a good idea. But I think I would still like to control which page-template is rendered. –  Prakash Raman Oct 13 '12 at 8:36

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