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Using the Yii PHP framework with Mercurial as version control.

Which files and directories should I ignore when putting my Yii webapp project under version control (i.e. what to put in .hgignore)?

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One of the examples (for Git, but you can adapt it to Mercurial) recommends to ignore:

  • swp – VIM swap files
  • .buildpath, .project, .settings – files and folders generated by Eclipse
  • .idea – folder generated by JetBrains PhpStorm
  • assets/* – everything under assets are generated by Yii during runtime
  • runtime/* – same goes to everything under runtime, we wouldn’t want to version control them
  • protected/data/*.db – for sqlite users, stop version control sqlite databases
  • protected/tests/report/* – code coverage test report (Just started practising TDD, hence this)
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Here is the default for Yii from github, its not for mercurial but you can port it. also there are for other frameworks and IDE's

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Synthesis and generalization of the previous answers (without exact file-lists, but common principles)

For any Tool and any SCM widely-accepted rule is "Don't store working artifacts in repo, store minimal set of objects, which allow you to continue your work on any new place"

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Good generic advice indeed. +1 –  VonC Oct 10 '12 at 12:25

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