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I am pretty new to Augmented Reality so I don't understand something. i.e. I want to create an app that I will give to users at my store [hypothetical]. Whenever they are in my store the app should show info for different sections of the store [i.e. 'this is the tools section' or 'this is the gardening section'].

What is necessary to recognize indoor locations on Android and is in this case an Augmented Reality implementation the only possible solution ? Not sure if GPS coordinates are registered indoor precisely nor whether they'll be registered on that small 'distance' at all..

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I would say that Bluetooth beacons is the best way to go. You can also use the strength of WiFi signals but that is vary coarse.

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Have you heard of LLA markers? (Latitude,Longitude, Altitude Markers). They're more accurate than GPS for indoor tracking, but there are limitations (i.e show locations statically... it won't tell you you're 36 , 35 ,34 meters away as you walk towards something).

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