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I have UIWebview instance which has a form that the user will fill-in. I need him to fill-in it with hex values.

so I made a custom keyboard layout following jQuery on screen keyboard library found here http://mottie.github.com/Keyboard/

and modified it to work on tablets.

The problem now is that the iPad keyboard still pops up but I managed to ignore the keys when pressed. any better idea to fully hide it?

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I found how to do it

Using jQuery blur elements on touchdown event.

You need to add this code to the document ready function:

$('input[type="text"]').bind('touchstart', function(e) {
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I'm running into the same issues. Do you have a repo or jsfiddle of your working version? What changes did you make to jquery.keyboard? –  johnmdonahue Feb 11 '13 at 22:11
Check the edits and make sure the $() takes the right controls you are targeting. for me I was targeting all input of type text. –  Mahmoud Fayez Feb 13 '13 at 9:30

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