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I have created Players Monster and Items for the game All I need is the gridWorld.....

I am thinkging of using String[] or ArrayList of someshort to make grid and place the objects in and use for-loop to check for monsters at the location I dont know where to go with this....

I would love some help creating this game for fun...

this is what I have of the Client file Game.java


import java.util.*;

public class Game{

    public static void main(String[] args){
        //ArrayList<Monsters> = new ArrayList<Monster>{};
        ArrayList<Items> inventory= new ArrayList<Items>();
        Player p1 = new Player();


    public static void intro(){
        System.out.print("This is a line based game typer Commands\n" +
                              "at any time to view the commands\n \n");


    public static void commands(){
        System.out.print("Go  North, South, West, East - Directions are static\n" +
                              "Attack with (Weapon) - If there is no waepon on you, then attack power is 1\n" +
                              "Drink (Potion) - If lazy just type the type of potion\n" +
                              "Stats - Brings up current HP, MP, and Score\n" +
                              "Items - Brings up current inventory\n");



So far this isnt the only part of the code I have I made Class Object files for Player, Items, and Monsters

All I need is a world for these objects to live in If anyone wanted to see the object files I will put them on

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I think you'll come to realize appropriate data structures if you give more thought to your design. Right now it sounds like you have a very nebulous, ill-defined idea of how you want to go about encountering monsters and exploring your world. That's a start, but how specifically will you do that?

So, for example, would each monster be of a unique type with different attributes? If so, one possible implementation would be to consider storing a Monster class that you can create objects of in some sort of data structure that you can quickly access or index.

Your design is an important step in actually making the game, and I think you will find by giving your constructs a bit more thought, you'll have a clearer path to implementation and a better idea of how to phrase your questions when you need help.

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I did create class for Player, Items(which governs both Weapons and Potions) and Monsters –  H31vry5 Oct 10 '12 at 5:35

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