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I'm working in Excel with an article file. I'll let it contain article number (ex. 1001) and the amount of this article. Here is the problem: I want to put out all articles in one row, separated by comma's, I explain:

If I have a column with amount and a column with article number, I want a cell with output like this: 3 article's 1001 gives: 1001, 1001, 1001 .

I've got about 1000 articles and now I'm working with: =IF(B3=0, "", B3=1, "1001", B3=2, "1001, 1001"), but as you see this won't work.

I'm sorry for explaining, it's really hard with my broken English ;)

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based off of your example I believe this formula will help you:


Update Per Comment

To dynamically use C3 use the concatenation character &

=REPT(C3 & ",", B3)

This reads: Join the value of C3 with the , and then repeat that B3 times.

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Okay thanks, I think it's near! because I can't fill in 1001 times that in the formule. So let's say C3 got the article number. =REPT("C3,", B3) doesn't work, how to fix the C3? Thanks for now :D – user1732997 Oct 9 '12 at 21:36
Cool, thanks a lot! It's working :D – user1732997 Oct 9 '12 at 21:45

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