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I have a UICollectionViewController that I load when a user turns their iPad so as to put it into landscape orientation. The problem I’m having is that my UICollectionViewCells are still loading as if it were in portrait orientation. I set the UICollectionViewController to landscape inside Interface Builder, and I’m using a custom cell class that I’ve called CollectionViewCell. Each cell contains just an image and a label.

Is there something that I should be doing either in Interface Builder or in my code? I tried using CGAffineTransformationMakeRotation, but that was no help. If anyone else has encountered this before, I would be extremely grateful! Thanks very much!

Here’s a bit of the code for reference:

 self.collectionView.dataSource = self;
    self.collectionView.delegate = self;

- (NSInteger)collectionView:(UICollectionView *)view numberOfItemsInSection:(NSInteger)section
    return listArray.count;

- (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInCollectionView: (UICollectionView *)collectionView
    return 1;

- (UICollectionViewCell *)collectionView:(UICollectionView *)collectionView cellForItemAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
    CollectionViewCell *cell = [collectionView dequeueReusableCellWithReuseIdentifier:@"devices" forIndexPath:indexPath];
   cell.statusImage.image=[UIImage imageNamed:@"Default.png"];
    cell.name.text=@"HEY !!!!!";
    return cell;

- (CGSize)collectionView:(UICollectionView *)collectionView layout:(UICollectionViewLayout*)collectionViewLayout sizeForItemAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath {
    return CGSizeMake(320, 420);

- (UIEdgeInsets)collectionView:(UICollectionView *)collectionView layout:(UICollectionViewLayout*)collectionViewLayout insetForSectionAtIndex:(NSInteger)section
    return UIEdgeInsetsMake(50, 20, 50, 20);

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In case anyone else has had this problem, here is how I solved it.

I was initially not allowing autorotation, and instead was just registering for orientationChanged notifications using NSNotificationCenter. This worked great except that it was preventing my second view from realizing that it needed to load in landscape mode.

So instead of that, I’ve created a class for the tabBar that my main view is embedded in, and I return NO for the shouldAutoRotate method in that class and in every other view except for the one which I want to load in landscape mode. I’m still using the orientationChanged notifications in my main view’S controller, since it is embedded in the tabBar. But I’m just using autorotation when returning to the main view.

If anyone has any questions, let me know. Hope it helps!

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I am using a custom UICollectionView with dynamic heights in every cell. But When i rotate, my cell are not changing width via columnWidthForCollectionView method and number of columns via maximumNumberOfColumnsForCollectionView method. I'm calculation my column width dynamically. via -(CGFloat)getCollumnWidth { CGFloat width = (self.view.frame.size.width-(kCollectionCellBorderRight*3))/2; return width; } This is happening in both iPhone and iPad. – Xeieshan Nov 26 '14 at 12:27

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