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I can connect to mysql, but I get an error saying Could not select db.
Is there anything I am missing? Any help is much appreciated.


$link = mysql_connect('localhost','',''); 
if (!$link) { 
    die('Could not connect to MySQL: ' . mysql_error()); 
echo 'Connection OK'; 

$selected=mysql_select_db("test1",$link) or die("<br>Could q not select db");
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first of all use MySQLi, second post the error message you get, not the or die one you predefined, the one MySQL gives you. –  tntu Oct 9 '12 at 21:26

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  "<br>Could q not select db"


 "<br>Could q not select db" . mysql_error();

to show detailed mysql error.

Mostly you entered the wrong mysql details. Check if the database exist.

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There could be multiple factors preventing you from selecting your MySQL database. The following could be the cause:

  1. Your connecting to the wrong database server. In this case you are using localhost.
  2. Your connecting using the wrong username. In this case you are using no username
  3. Your connecting using the wrong password. In this case you are using no password.
  4. Your trying to select a database that really does not exist. In this case your trying to select test1. If the database does not exist you will need to create it.

You can duplicate what your program is doing by logging onto your console and issuing the following command:

mysql -e "show databases"

This will list all of the databases available to that user.

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it can also be his password, from that code he can't tell –  tntu Oct 9 '12 at 21:26

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