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I have an edit form, The form is made through symfony2 Form types. I checked the documentation but couldn't find any option for adding CSS to the form. The form display the data correctly and everything is fine what I want to do is to add styling to each field.

My Edit Type is

 public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)
    ->add('id', 'hidden')
    ->add('patent_name', 'text', array('label' => 'Patent Name'))
    ->add('description', 'textarea', array('label' => 'Description', 'required' => false))
    ->add('appln_auth','text', array('label' => 'Application Authorization'))

Anyone has any idea ho I can add css ?


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Here is the way you can do it when building your form,

 $builder->add('field_name', 'text', array('label' => 'Field Label', 'attr' => array('class' => 'fieldClass')));

You can also do it when rendering your form fields, take a look at Twig template form function reference

{{ form_label(form.field, 'label', { 'attr': {'class': 'foo'} }) }}
{{ form_widget(form.field, { 'attr': {'class': 'bar'} }) }}

You can then add a css file in your bundle public assets and call it in your template using,

{% block stylesheets %}
    {% parent() %} {# if you want to keep base template's stylesheets #}
    <link href="{{ asset('bundle/myBundle/css/stylesheet.css') }}" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
{% endblock %}

You've then to make your public assets be accessible through your web/ directory. The best way to do it is to create symbolic links targeting your bundle public assets, you've then to execute

assets:install web/ --symlink

Another useful approach when you want to thoroughly customize specific form field rendering block (Twig) is to define a new form theme, here's the documentation > Form theming in Twig.

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This might help:

$builder->add('patent_name', 'text', array('label' => 'Patent Name', 'attr' => array('class' => 'someclass')));
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If you want to add class to your fields, you have to use attr special attribute with your build form's add action in that way

$builder->add('field_name', 'yourType', array('attr' => array('class' => 'fieldClass')));

If you want to link your style sheet instead, you have to use assets.
You can find more on assets here

To work with assets you have to do:

  • create your css file
  • install your assets with assets:install (I suggest to use --symlink option that will reflect css changes unless they are cached)
  • enjoy your CSS by using it into your template. In case of twig, you have do to <link href="{{ asset('bundles/acmebundle/css/style.css') }}" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"> (where acmebundle is your bundle)
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