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I want to project a 3D plot into a 2D plot. Assuming f(x,y) describes my 3D plot, I want to treat y as a parameter and simultaneously plot f(x,0), f(x,2), f(x,4), etc. in one 2D plot. Instead of going for different line/point styles and colors with a legend in a corner, I'd like to make each plot in the same style and place a label next to each individual line.

Is this even possible in gnuplot or would I have to fall back on something more complex?

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I had a similar question recently. There is an option in the development version of gnuplot (4.7.0) that does this. You can change the position of line titles to be at the end/beginning of the line itself. If your plot looks like I imagine (sort of a contour plot) this may be what you want:

plot f(x,y) title 'f(x,y)' at end

Otherwise you may have to specify the labels and their positions manually:

help set label

for more info.

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Ahh, I thought I had gone through enough old questions. Thank you. –  Han Solo Oct 10 '12 at 8:35
You're welcome. If you were able to use my information, please mark the answer as accepted so others know it helped. –  andyras Oct 10 '12 at 15:31

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