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How can I get further information on errors that occur silently in Rails, such as @object.save?

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Add bang so that an error is raised when validation fails.

# ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Title can't be blank...

Always use this method in preference to save if you don't expect validation to fail.

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As per this post, something like the following works:

logger.debug @item.errors.full_messages
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Sometimes AR silently fails for reasons other than validation errors. A couple of other things to check are:

  • AR callbacks that do not return true (eg before_save)
  • Invalid parent/ child records
  • @item.valid?, @item.errors.full_messages
  • @item.changes, @item.changed?

I have also included user456584's commend on checking for validation errors. And as Semyon said, @item.save! will at least raise an Exception even if it isn't particularly helpful.

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+1 for filling in some other possibilites that no one else has mentioned here. This just saved my day. –  Topher Hunt Jul 22 '14 at 17:05

Or my server disk is full. Reboot, resume.

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