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I use active admin and in my app there are different .js that must be loaded in specifics pages (not all).

Following this topic Best way to add page specific javascript in a Rails 3 app? it appears to be easy, but the layout in active admin is compiled.

I have used a workaround to overwrite the footer:

    class ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::Base < Arbre::HTML::Document
  # Renders the content for the footer
  def build_footer
    div :id => "footer" do
      para "Copyright &copy; #{Date.today.year.to_s}- All rights reserved ".html_safe

How can I add some .js in the header of some pages? How with a workaround? (if possible with a "yield :head" or something like that, so I can call it easier from everywhere ;))

EDIT NOTE: the js that i want to include render a highcharts

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I'm using master branch of ActiveAdmin 0.5.0 (as of 23 Nov 2012) and there is a Arbre builder method within which is working for me.

show do 
   within @head do
      script :src => javascript_path('somefile.js'), :type => "text/javascript"

You can see an example of its use in ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::Base#build_active_admin_head.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks I will try in the next days, do you have any urls of how "Arbre builder" works? (or where have you find this information) – damoiser Nov 24 '12 at 11:57
I think I just searched the Arbre source code for things like 'javascript'. – Andrew Pietsch Dec 14 '12 at 4:29

I found an "alternative" solution, the basic one: insert simply the script in the html body with the jquery tag $(document).ready(...) (but with lose in performance and dry coding)

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