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I'm trying to write a switch statement that uses a char to represent each case. In my textbook the examples show I can use a char to do this but when I compile my program I get this: error: incompatible types
        case 'R':
    required: String
    found:    char
    1 error

This is my code:

    switch (inputCode) {

        case 'R':
            System.out.println("\nEnter file name:");
            fileName = menuApp.nextLine();
            if (inputCode.trim().length() == 0) {
                break; // no file name entered
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Looks like inputCode is of type String, not char... so if you're using Java 7, you just want to change it to:

case "R":

Alternatively, change the type of inputCode to char, making appropriate adjustments elsewhere. (If you're not using Java 7, this would be your only option - but I suspect you are using Java 7, as otherwise you'd get a different compiler error.)

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The problem is that inputCode is a string. If you want to look at the first element of the string you should do:

switch (inputCode[0]) {

If you want to compare with a single character string you should do:

case "R":
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inputCode seems instance of String and you are trying to compare it with char,

String in switch is supported with and after java -7

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inputCode is a String instance.

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