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I have an input file test.txt as: host:dc2000 host:

I want to get all of addresses of those machines by using:

grep "host:" /root/test.txt 

And so on, i get command ouput via python:

import subprocess
hosts=subprocess.Popen(['grep','"host:"',file_input], stdout= subprocess.PIPE)

But the result is empty string.

I don't know what problem i got. Can you suggest me how to solve ?

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Your code should work, are you sure that the user has the access right to read the file?

Also, are you certain there is a "host:" in the file? You might mean this instead:

hosts=subprocess.Popen(['grep','host:',file_input], stdout= subprocess.PIPE)
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it works as i let '"host:"' to 'host:'. Thanks you – SieuTruc Oct 10 '12 at 8:53

Try that :

import subprocess
hosts = subprocess.check_output("grep 'host:' /root/test.txt", shell=True)
print hosts
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thank you for the second solution – SieuTruc Oct 10 '12 at 8:54

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