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I have this issue with jquery events binding for a select element. When I click on the select, the .focus class is supposed to be added. But selecting an option from the dropdown breaks the logic.



  1. click on select
  2. select an option
  3. click on select --> .focus not added



$('select').bind('focusout change',function(){
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Is your jQuery code wrapped in a $(document).ready(function(){ ... })? – Chase Oct 9 '12 at 23:04
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The root of the problem is that you're only adding the class when the select is focused, and then removing it when the select value changes. The reason why the class never gets added back is because the select never loses focus when you choose one of its options. Something like this should get you the behavior you're after:


$('select').blur(function() {

Edit - I'm guessing that you want to keep the functionality of removing the class when an option is selected, which is why I'd bind to click instead of focus and blur.

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That is because selecting the option removes the focus from the select element just as you select an option from the select

So a focusout on the select is happening here .. So this obviously removes the class on the parent element of the select..

Also the class is not added because the select here is already focused..

So instead use .blur() and .focus() events..


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I believe you're looking for something like this, but I could be wrong:

$('select').on("focus", function(){

Use on to bind events and use the focus and blur events for your select box. If I understood the question correctly this should take care of your issue.


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