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The code itself would be in ruby. Idea is to make it interactive for user. For instance, code asks:

what is your name?
user input "John"
Hi John!

I know I can make it <%...%>. I want to make it in a separate ruby.rb file that would be "uploaded" via form in new template. In show template results of code would be displayed. Any gem for this sort of interactivity?
Looking forward

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This is incredibly bad practice, and should never be used without sanitizing input, but Ruby has an eval statement. Pass it a string (such as a param POSTed by your form), and it'll evaluate that string as Ruby and return the result.

x = 5
eval "x / 2.5"
=> 2.0

If you're expecting a .rb file to be uploaded, you can read that file and pass the contents to eval.

But remember, treat all input as hostile.

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