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I am basically trying to do what is asked in this question:

Passing multiple values for a single parameter in Reporting Services

but it is not working for me.

My parameter has a data type of text. I have a feeling that my parameter is being surrounded by quotes when it is inserted into my query.


    AllUserData.tp_ID, Title as TestSite, tp_Title as TestCase, nvarchar6 as ItemNumber, 
    nvarchar7 as DefectType, nvarchar8 as Status, nvarchar9 as QuestionID, 
    ntext2 as Question, AllUserData.tp_Version as Version, 
    CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), AllUserData.tp_Modified, 111) AS DateModified
    dbTOG.dbo.AllLists on dbTOG.dbo.AllUserData.tp_ListId = dbTOG.dbo.AllLists.tp_ID 
    dbTOG.dbo.Webs on dbTOG.dbo.AllLists.tp_WebId = dbTOG.dbo.Webs.Id
    (nvarchar8 = 'PASS' OR
     nvarchar8 = 'FAIL' OR
     nvarchar8 = 'N/A' OR
     nvarchar8 = 'TBD' OR
     nvarchar8 = 'TBRT' OR
     nvarchar8 = 'FIXED') 
    AND Title = @TestSite 
    AND tp_Title IN (@TestCase)

Parameter expression for @TestCase

=Join(Parameters!TestCase.Value, ",")
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This is quite late but I was struggling with pretty much the same thing. Eventually I found the answer from the link in the OT, however not the accepted one.

I changed the parameter expression to:

=SPLIT(JOIN(Parameters!<your param name>.Value,","),",")

This worked perfectly for me.

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