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It seems that all binary files (.dll and .exe) defined in a WIX file inherit their version and language from the Product element. All other files (.ps1, .txt, etc) don't inherit the version and don't get replaced on upgrade. I need to be able to version non-binary files, so they can be overwritten on upgrade. Once I set DefaultVersion on the file element, everything works fine and file gets replaced on upgrade.

<Component Id="Eula.txt" Guid="14285C13-A70C-474B-B2AE-06F68D4E170B">
   <File Id="Eula.txt" DiskId="1" Name="Eula.txt" Source="$(var.NeutralBinRoot)\" DefaultVersion="$(var.MsiProductVersion)"/>

However, I get this warning during compilation:

warning LGHT1103 : The DefaultVersion '1.1.1' was used for file 'Eula.txt' which has no version. 
No entry for this file will be placed in the MsiFileHash table. 
For unversioned files, specifying a version that is different from the actual file may result in unexpected versioning behavior during a repair or while patching. 
Version the resource to eliminate this warning.

What is a proper way to version non-binary resources?

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According to the docs it looks like you need to use the CompanionFile attribute and link it back to the original assembly. I haven't used this myself so can't say 100% whether it'll work but worth a punt!

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yes, ended up using CompanionFile. thanks! –  kateroh Oct 10 '12 at 18:06
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